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In the past there were many Pick / MV groups. Many are now defunct. Over time those groups have given way to more product-specific groups, focused on each specific DBMS, specific connectivity tools, and specific business applications.

The prevalence of online communities in the form of web discussion may have helped contribute to the demise of monthly/quarterly personal get-togethers. A list of MV-centric online discussion forums is on the Community page.


Live Regional DBMS Groups

Live Product-specific Groups (DBMS and Tools)

Live Application-specific Groups (Business software)

Inactive or Completely Gone

  • AAPUG - Atlanta Area Pick Users Group
  • CPUG - Chicago Pick Users Group
  • CDBMA - California Data Base Management Association
  • Nevada Multi-Value User Group
  • Northern California Pick Users Group
  • OSDA - Open Systems Database Association (website up, group is disolved)
  • TigerLogic Corp has a very old and invalid list of Pick User Groups. If anything on that list is active, please update this page.

Miscellaneous Groups

  • Microdata Alumni
  • A growing group of ex-employees of Pick Systems / Raining Data / TigerLogic meets semi-regularly for dinner in Orange County on the first Tuesday of each month. Contact TonyG for details.