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OpenQM is the full name of the multivalue database product more commonly known simply as QM produced by UK based Ladybridge Systems.

The "Open" refers to the availability of an open source version released under version 2 of the General Public Licence (GPL). This was released to allow software developers to contribute new ideas to the multivalue model by submitting changes that might be incorporated into the master source. In return, these developers would gain the contributions of other users.

The cooperative development model did not catch on with developers and the open source version was discontinued at release 2.6-6 (November 2007). This version remains available and still fulfills the role for which it was released.

The commercial QM platform is widely used and under continual development by Ladybridge Systems.

In 2009, a group of open source developers created a fork of the open source version under then name ScarletDME. Ladybridge Systems has no involvement with this version.