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OpenInsight, by Revelation Technologies, is a 32bit system with a GUI tool specifically designed for and fully integrated with the 32bit MV database engine OpenEngine.

OpenInsight comes in multiple flavors

- Single/Multi User Runtime
- Single/Multi User Development
- NT Fileservice
- Novell NLM Fileservices

Check them out at

They have a very active support system through their developers and Discussion forum

One of the best places to get Revelation insight is at, a company owned by Andrew McAuley, a true guru of OI and Advanced Revelation (oh, and no, I don't work for either Revelation, or Sprezz!)

OI (as OpenInsight is known) has been through a series of "growth experiences" - if you were one of the those who met its first incarnation and vowed never to touch it again - hey, pal, we all agree with ya... that really stank! A word of advice tho - try the newest incarnation, it zings!

Why use OI? OI is native "pick" in a GUI (read windows-like) environment, works very much like VB but in a easy InfoBasic language style. The interface is just like that grey screen stuff you see every day, but the inner workings are in that language you have learnt to love... multivalue-style