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The following organizations offer MultiValue consulting and training. Their inclusion on this page does not imply endorsement.
Employers and Consultants may also be interested in the Employment page.


  We specialise in consulting, conversion, connectivity and  programming for Multivalue databases,\
  along with Access, VB and VB.Net. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and have consulted \
  to the Wine, Distribution, Manufacturing, Medical and Construction industries.\


  A senior developer/programmer with approximately 20 years in the Multi-Value database environment\
  (UniData, Universe, Ultimate, Advanced Pick, and Adds Mentor) providing software design, development,\
  enhancements, maintenance, training, and support.\
  Developer of JScript for U2 and many wIntegrate utilities.\
  For resume and additional reference information, click on my name to access my web site.


  Your home for independant IBM U2 development and consultancy in Germany, Glenn Sallis is an independant \
  Pick and IBM U2 (UniVerse and UniData) consultant based in Germany with experience in various industry sectors\
  including Warehousing and Logistics, CRM, Marketing, Policing and Insurance. \

\ Ihr "zu Hause" für unabhängigen IBM U2 Entwicklung und Beratung in Deutschland. Glenn Sallis ist ein unabhängigen\ Pick und IBM U2 (UniVerse und UniData) Berater in Deutschland, mit Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Industriesektoren\ einschließlich Logistik und Lagerverwaltung, Kundenbeziehungsmanagement, Polizeisystemen und Versicherung.\

\ Glenn Sallis ( \

New Zealand

  15+ yrs all flavours - the most recent experience in Universe.\
  Based in Wellington, my website is\
  You can email me there (KJ at etc.) or phone 04 299 3066\
  I think the country code is 064 but I don't really expect\
  to get overseas trips - then again, no objections per se.\


  • IT Management & Consultancy Services Ltd.
 ITMCS specialise in both ERP/MRP II Systems and "PICK" like multivalue Databases (including PICK, mvBase, D3, Unidata etc.) \
 ITMCS have now had over 10 very successful years assisting many companies in all areas of their business from small data transfer and report writing projects to full lifecycle implementations, ranging from Single ad-hoc days assistance to 10 year "part-time" relationships.\
 Specialist Sanderson PICS/UNITY/UNITYF8 knowledge\
 <a href=""></a>
  • iD Tech Ltd.
  Experienced team of PICK programmers/business analysts. Specalising in the Mail order industry.\
  Offering great value software support and development\
  flavors : jBASE 3.4, 4.1, 5.2, OBjEX, Unidata.\
  specialist application : CFL Sanderson MAILBRAIN\
  <a href=""></a>  or email <a href=""></a>
  • Ladybridge Systems
  Although our primary product is the QM multivalue database, we also\
  provide training, development, consultancy and other services for\
  users of UniVerse and Unidata.\  or email
  • GFG IT Services Ltd.
  Experienced Pick/Databasic programmer/analyst - all flavours. IBM 'certified'! Financial Systems, Logistice, Manufacturing, Health\
  and Local Government experience. Trouble shooting, migration and 'help!' support a specialty. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.\
  Have suitcase, will travel...
\ email
  • Brian Leach Consulting Ltd.
  Training, consultancy and self paced training books on IBM UniVerse and UniData.\
  Client/server and .net development a speciality.\
  IBM Data Champion, 2008-2009.\ or email
  • Stem Computing Ltd.
  Although based in the North Yorkshire area, I am available UK wide and would consider worldwide roles, whether it be\
  on client site or remotely. I have over 17 years experience in the MultiValued database arena with a rather diverse\
  career history.\
  I would greatly like to hear from anybody who may have any opportunities available and would like to discuss them\
  • Gordon Reynolds
  Based in the Bournemouth area, and sort of retired now, however I would like to hear from anybody who may\
  have a project requiring help developing data input interfaces within a multivalue database environment.\


  • James R. Raposa Jr. - Unidata / Universe / Pick and/or Datatel Colleague Expertise
   More then 25 years experience with Multi-Value databases, in industries ranging from manufacturing and insurance,\
   to retail and higher education.\
   Web programming and development as well.\
   Contract basis. Affordable hourly rates or flat fee.\
<a href="" target="_blank">Resume/CV</a>\ or email jraposa at mail dot com
   20 great Pick software developers. Specializing in MRP software for jobshop and manufacturing companies.\
   We specialize in consulting on all of the major PICK flavors and are great at complex conversions.  \
   We support satisfied customers from across the USA in D3, jBase, UniVerse and UniData.  \
   Our WEB Reporting/portal software can help you put a pretty face on your PICK data!\
   Check out <a href="">our PICK Database services at:</a>\
   or email us at info @ (1-800-844-2789 ext 103 [Mike])
  • ProNet Solutions Group, LLC.
   More than 15 years’ experience with Pick-based systems (Reality, PICK, Prime, Universe, Unidata), in industries\
   ranging from manufacturing and distribution, to insurance, to retail. Also provide IT Management and general IT\
   consulting, web programming and development of non-PICK systems. Based in St. Louis, MO, but support customers\
   of all sizes throughout US.
\ Website: Email: Phone: (314)283-0519 [Tim Schwartz]
  • DDSpell Consulting
   Multivalue, XHTML/CSS, AJAX, IT Management and general IT consulting. Over 20 years experience in\
   manufacturing and well versed in MRP II processing.\
   Go to: <a href=""></a>
  • Lee Software Development
   MV and non-MV software development and consulting.  Manufacturing and Distribution business consulting.\
   On the web at or e-mail
  • PasTech Computer Consulting
  Specializing in UniVerse Database\
  serving the Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas.\
  On the web at\
  or e-mail at
  • Key Ally, Inc.
  U2, D3, jBASE, mvBase, Reality, others.\
  serving Downstate NY, Northern NJ, and Southern CT\
  On the web at\
  or e-mail at
  • Sierra Bravo Coporation
  Web and Windows Interfaces for any Multivalue\
  Attention Consultants - Sierra Bravo will purchase\
  your consulting business of any size. Contact\
  Luke Bucklin (952) 948-1211\
  Attention End Users - Sierra Bravo offers a wide\
  range of services to Multivalue users. Visit\
  • Database Development Corp
  jBase, MvBase, U2, D3 and others\
  specializing in migrations and support\
  serving PA,Central NY, Central NJ and MD\
  • Nebula Research and Development
  We offer development tools and services to international VARs and end-users.\
  Focus is MV communications, GUI development, and interfaces to Microsoft Office.\
  Caché, D3, jBase, MvBase, QM, Reality, UniVerse, UniData.\
  Primary technology is .NET. We have C# MVP partners, book/article credentials.\
  See extensive blog for other technologies.     \ 
  See info for TonyG, contact details here.
  Pickteam is David Ruggiero and Douglas Tatelman, senior Multivalue consultants with\
  over 30 years' experience each in all types of Pick-based systems. We're based in the Pacific NW \
  (Seattle), but support customers of all sizes throughout the US, both remotely and onsite.\

\ We have particular expertise in Linux/AIX systems and D3, jBase, and UniVerse flavors.\ Design, programming, system administration, web integration, EDI, barcoding, data recovery, rehosting,\ and real-time data interfaces to other systems are all specialties.\

\ Our hourly rates are extremely reasonable and we pride oursevles on fast response to urgent problems. \ We're happy to discuss your particular needs at any time with no obligation. Visit us at\ <a href=""></a>.
  Since 1985, we have been designing and programming business and system applications in the following languages:\
  DATA/BASIC, jBC, PICK/BASIC, R/BASIC, UniBasic, UniVerse Basic\

\ Here is a partial listing of the operating systems, database management systems, and operating environments that\ we have been programming in:\ Advanced Pick, Advanced REVELATION / REVELATION, jBASE, MENTOR, REALITY, UNIDATA, UNIVERSE\

\ Robert Norman
\ Address: 23441 Golden Springs Dr., #289, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
\ Phone : 951/541-1668
\ Website:
\ [Affordable CUBS programming services for PICK/BASIC, DATA/BASIC, UniVerse Basic, UniBasic, R/BASIC, jBC]
  • VirtualTools, LLC
  25+ years experience in many PICK flavors, Unidata being the most recent.\
  15+ years of VB experience.\
  Consulting, Maintenance, Development, Connectivity, Macro, Front-end, Back-end solutions.\
  Experience in Distribution, Banking, Telecommunications, Fashion industries.\
  Serving Northern NJ, Manhattan and surrounding areas.\
  Over 25 years experience with installations, upgrades and programming. Authorized dealer for many of the MultiValue Databases.\
  Our integration services are second to none and our rates are highly competitive. We are certified resellers for many of the start of the art\
  applications available today and have integrated, at some level, most of them with MultiValue systems.\
  uniVerse, Unidata, Pick, AREV - OpenInsight, jBASE, Cache\
  EDI Integration utilizing Sterling Integrator - Gentran\
  Robert Alparone
\ Phone : (908) 806-4681
\ Email :
\ Website:
  With 10+ MultiValue developers on staff and a network of contractors, Zumasys is in a unique position to help D3 DBMS customers enhance and modernize their Pick databases.\ 
  With Zumasys, customers gain a dedicated software development team that averages more than 30 years of experience with MultiValue systems.\

\ Services include:
\ Multisystem integration, e-commerce, mobile apps, warehouse management, optimization, source control, inventory management, GUI apps, modernization, on-demand software development support, large-scale custom programming\

\ Products include:
\ AccuTerm™ Standard, AccuTerm™ Lite, AccuTerm™ Cloud | Terminal emulation software, cloud access to your MultiValue database
\ Zumasys Document Server (ZDS) | Custom printing software for Pick systems
\ MultiValue Dashboard | Graphical web-based dashboards for MultiValue systems
\ RDM Mobile | Mobile access to your D3, UniVerse, or UniData system\

\ Zumasys helps customers achieve major cost savings, gain flexibility, improve performance and transform their business with custom applications. Together our team averages more than 30 years of MultiValue experience.\ Find out more at <a href=""></a>

\ Zumasys, Inc.
\ 9245 Research Drive
\ Irvine, CA 92618
\ <a href=""></a>
\ <a href=""></a>\


  • Charles Hawkins
  UniVerse, jBASE, D3, PHP, C++, VB, others\
  Over 22 years experience designing, developing and supporting\
  business applications.  Presently doing telecommuting work\
  and helping support over 25 orphans in Zambia, Africa.\