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This page is (or will be) a list of companies which use or used MultiValue databases. If you work for a company which uses one or did, or know of other companies which use it or did, edit this page and add them here.

|| Company / Link || Product Name || Purpose || Database || Location || Type || || ADP, Dealer Services || DMS, ADPDrive || Dealer Servicing || UniData || Hoffman Estates, IL || Customer || || Ultradata || UltraFIS || Credit Union Core Systems || UniData / UniVerse || Pleasanton, CA || Vendor || || International Decision Systems || Infolease || Leasing System || UniData || Mineapolis, MN || Vendor || || Bank of the West || Infolease || Leasing System || UniData || San Francisco, CA || Customer || || Medical Billing & Management Services || Inhouse,MITS,Designbais || Physician Billing || D3 || Newark, DE || Developer-Customer || || autonet || automate, onderdelenlijn || car dismantlers automation || D3 || Dordrecht, NL || Vendor ||

(TG) While it would be nice to create a real Who's Who list of companies here, to reaffirm that this platform is in good use, my guess is that there won't be many companies listed here. Most companies simply don't want to publish the names of their databases, application vendors, or other details of their IT infrastructure. For some it's a security issue. For most there's simply no benefit and it may invite solicitations ... or worse. If this page only has a handful of companies, when we know there are thousands of systems out there, I think it might do more harm than good in the big picture. I think a proper effort would need to be made by the DBMS companies, to get voluntary listings from their customers, and then for the sum of all of that effort to be posted here. But I don't think that will ever happen. That's just my view. Other opinions are welcome.