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For some time now I've felt that there needed to be a place to record our memories of and the contributions of those Pick community members that are no longer with us. The Microdata Alumni web site has a page for departed members of that community but I wanted to cast a wider net.

So this seems to be the most appropriate place to start this collective memory.

I will seed this list with the individuals that come to mind and fill in details as I have time. Please join me in adding to this list and updating the individual pages if you have something to contribute.

In Memoriam:

  • Rather than being a collection of technotes, PickWiki was originally created by Ian McGowan as a repository for anecdotes about the history of the Pick DBMS. Please feel free to add notes, or links to forum postings or web pages to help build this unique resource. See also: ColorfulCharacters
  • Except for Dick, Don, and Ken, I alphabetized the names on this page. Please let me know if there is any disagreement about this. (TG)