How To Register

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  1. Your browser should have "cookies" turned on.

  2. Go to the Preferences page on PickWiki.

  3. Fill in the textboxes. For "user name", go ahead and use your real name, e.g. "John Smith" not "JRS549". Change any of the defaults if you want.

  4. Note the "user id number" assigned to you -- you'll want it if you ever clear your cookies, or if you want to Login using the same user id on another computer. Also remember the password you used.

  5. Enter the "administrator password"; it's the first (given) name of the guy our database is named after. If you don't know it, you'll need to ask a Pick professional. (There is a good reason for doing this.)

  6. Click "Save".

  7. You are now able to modify existing pages and create new ones. See the Hints and Tips page for specific instructions on commands and syntax.