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Launch Google Maps on a Client

This is a simple page to begin answering the question:
Is there a way get the MV server application to launch Google Maps or [[MapQuest]] on the client PC?

Ross Ferris provided this information in Comp.Databases.Pick:

To see "pick" and "google maps" interacting, Mark Fuller recently posted URL for a live site using Reality --> details
Apart from that, if you are using a green screen application, and a TE that allows you to execute "DOS" commands, then just "executing" a HTTP reference will open their default browser at requested URL, passing any URL encoded parameters, so just a matter of deciding WHICH service you want to use, then read up on how to access & pass required parameters --> your choice of service provider will impact HOW address information is passed - but bottom line is "sure, you can do that!"

The following blog discusses launching maps and queries from DesignBais, but there is a lot of info there for everyone:

You can get AccuTerm to launch a browser or to set parts of a character screen to be clickable.

For more sophistication, the Google API can be used to send a web service request to Google (or other provider), retrieve maps to insert into emails or print on a letter, or show directions in a character interface.

This is a variation of the age-old problem of running something on a PC under the control of a program on the host. See RunAProgram for some other ideas.