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About this Wiki

Q) How to edit pages? Why are passwords now required?

See the "Every page CanBeEdited" page

Q) Frequently asked how-to's:

See the HowTos page

Q) How do I get fancy formatting on a page? Or include code without fancy formatting?

See HintsAndTips for text formatting rules

Q) What sort of content can be uploaded to this website?

Anything you create or own. If you're going to upload source code, you should own the rights to it, or get permission from whoever does. \

HTML content is not allowed, so no javascript :-( but on the plus side, no viruses :-)

If you login, a page will be created under your user name. Feel free to put frippery there, but if it's MV related more people will find your content in the main body of the site.

Q) I set myself in preferences, then next time I came here, no memory. Is the cookie broken or what?

The cookie is only set if you enter a password the first time you use preferences. Preferences Click here to create a username and your posts will be signed. If you clear your cookies, you'll need to Login to recreate them.

Q) How can I trust code downloaded from this site?

Simple answer: you can't. By downloading and compiling software from this site, you are assuming all liability and risk. If you are uncomfortable with this, don't do it!

Q) Where do we report breakages on this site? does not work.
You might want to write that down. Obviously if the site is really broken and you can't access it then you won't be able to find that email address to report an issue. ;)

Q) OK, the FTP site is no more, it has ceased to be, it is an ex-FTP site. Where can I post my binary?

Unfortunately, binary files cannot be posted to this site. Your best bet is to post the source code, or an external link to the binary. There are many websites that offer free hosting of files. Find one here or check out Intro.

About the Pick / MultiValue DBMS

Q) What the heck is this Pick thing anyway?

Q) Where can I download the personal edition of MV databases?

GPL version of OpenQM
TigerLogic does not provide free personal editions of D3, mvBase, or other DBMS products. Contact TigerLogic Sales or one of their authorized VARs for further info.

Q) Who are you people, and where did you come from?

* As for Universe and Unidata people: Most of us met on the u2-users mailing list which was originally hosted by Clif Oliver ( With the birth of the U2 Users Group, the list has a new home on one of their servers. You can find information about u2-users at, (Click on 'Mailing List' in the left-hand menu,) and search the archives at
* Other people hang out in other forums. The business community is "tight" and many people know one another as customers, vendors, or respected colleagues.
* Many people meet at International Spectrum Conferences or (less these days) at local meetings of UserGroups.

Q) What other places do people gather to discuss the Pick-like databases?

See Community and UserGroups for forums, conferences, etc.