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If you are available for employment or contracting work, there are a few things you should do:

  • Create a compelling CV or résumé.
  • Contact the DBMS providers with which you are most familiar. For many end-users, the only resource they know of for employees or services is their DBMS provider. DBMS-specific pages are provided here (please add more if there are any). These include jobs which may be at the DBMS companies themselves as well as jobs listed by the DBMS companies for their user base:
  • If you can do consulting/contractor work, post a brief summary about yourself on the MultiValueConsultants page.
  • Attend a meeting at one of the MV UserGroups.
  • Post a note to a forum listed on the Community page.
  • See the International Spectrum Jobs page : http://www.intl-spectrum.com/MultiValue_Jobs.aspx
  • Post your availability at PickJobs.net
  • If you're in the UK, see Twitter @MultiValueJobs

If you are an employer or you need short-term assistance, visit the above resources.

If you offer or require services, the most common mistakes people seem to make in this market are as follows:

  • Not enough information: specify your requirements and your skills, the platforms you use, and the kind of work you do or that needs to be done.
  • Employer looking for a superhero: If you need someone with experience in MV, Oracle, Java, .NET, security, GUI, accounting, and thermodynamics, you should consider hiring/contracting more than one person.
  • Rates: If your rate or salary requirement is high, you need to justify it. If you are an employer offering US$20k for a superhero you're wasting your time. The economy is bad but appropriate value must be placed on the experience you require.
  • Employers frequently aren't I.T. savvy, or simply don't know what questions to ask an MV professional. It's hard to determine if someone is qualified if you can't ask the right questions. Seek help. Get a neutral opinion before hiring. Check the above resources.
  • Employees - this is a small market and there are some end-user shops that turnover Pick people as fast as they can burn them out. Ask around, ask employers if you can talk to some of their people or former contractors. You're entitled to gather opinions on employers too.

Anyone can post a note to the categories below:

Looking for a full-time employee


Looking for full-time employment


Looking for development assistance or consulting


Available for development and consulting