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* [[RESTful Web Services]]<br>Connect to the MV database using web services
* [[RESTful Web Services]]<br>Connect to the MV database using web services
* RedBack for PHP<br>https://github.com/gheydon/redback for a pure PHP implementation for Redback 4
== In House Solutions ==
== In House Solutions ==

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HowTos >> CreateWebInterfaces

How do I create a web interface to the information in my MV DBMS?

Commercial Solutions

  • A video on this page, provided by Nebula Research and Development, demonstrates how to create a web service client and server with the .NET Framework. The connectivity to the DBMS is through mv.NET.

Open Source Solutions

  • u2pipe
    Connect a web server to a U2 (Universe or Unidata) database via u2pipe.

In House Solutions

  • You can use UniObjects for Java to develop anything you can imagine. Ideas include Struts-based web applications running under Tomcat (or another Servlet container) and XML-based Web Services with Apache Axis. See JavaSource for more info.
  • You can use PHP or Perl and InterCall together
    • Jeff Butera has a working example, and Brooklyn Law School is using a modified version of it.
    • A post to u2-users from Ken Hall saying he also has PHP->Intercall working. http://www.mail-archive.com/u2-users%40listserver.u2ug.org/msg06853.html
      (per Ken Hall, this is no longer available)
    • PerlSource has some code samples from the dawn of time

See also

  • HowTos page on this site has a number of ways "how to" access MV from various languages.