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MV professionals, vendors, and end-users exchange information in UserGroups and in online forums.

Product- and vendor-specific forums have also been formed:

Facebook communities are not listed here yet. Send Facebook references to TonyG.

Twitter links have been added here. People and companies "tweet" frequently on Pick-related matters and this has become a "community" of it's own. Send @ references to TonyG. To broadcast a message to anyone interested in MV/Pick, the #multivalue hash tag is commonly used.

Some Twitter users:

  • @CdMPick
  • @clifoliver
  • @dickthiot
  • @dwolt
  • @ElkieHolland
  • @fusionwareInt
  • @GlennSallis
  • @houbenator
  • @IntlSpectrum
  • @ISCRTaylor
  • @jonsisk
  • @KevinPowick
  • @madhump
  • @markbschramm
  • @mikepluta
  • @moecaneda
  • @mvcmap
  • @mvdbman
  • @MyPickCloud
  • @pickcoder
  • @pickProgrammers
  • @PickteamTweets
  • @PRC_SJPlus
  • @RevSoftUS
  • @RocketU2
  • @rossferris
  • @salesbluefinity
  • @SAPUGtweets
  • @SimonVerona
  • @Spellinator
  • @symeonb
  • @TAivazian
  • @TheMpower1Group
  • @TigerLogicPick
  • @TonyGravagno
  • @Paradigm_system

Some forums break discussions between technical and social. Some are moderated, others are not. Each forum has a unique personality of its own. Some are more adverse to advertising then others.

The community also includes some Blogs.

If you are searching the community for work, or someone to do development, see the Employment page.

Tags: job jobs help wanted employment work contractors consultants services forums discussions google usergroups user groups

(Above tags added by TG in response to CDP thread about searchability of this site. These tags should help people to find this page using the Search box if they're looking for help or work. See Tags page for details.)