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-- 12 Jan 2014 --

Yes, Ian, plenty of progress has been made. The test box has been up for over a year now; the license expiration of UniVerse PE 11.1.9 forced me to update to UniVerse PE 11.2.0 today. I still have a ton to learn, but the true developer never stops learning.

-- 31 Jan 2013 --

Cody, have you made any progress? Probably the best peer support is available on the user group mailing list:

-- 16 Nov 2012 --

Hi all! I'm Cody and I'm in the process of learning PICK/BASIC. I'm most familiar with UniVerse.

I've got a few acquaintances that are helping me learn; however, I am having a rather hard time getting a private test machine up and running. I have tried several different versions of Linux operating systems and I just cannot seem to get this bugger up and running. Any thoughts??

Before anyone suggests it, I have already tried the Windows platform of UniVerse and I despise it.