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Caché Object Database from InterSystems now includes full compatibility for MV DBMS including command line, queries, BASIC, files, dynamic arrays, and a multitude of other familiar features.

Caché also has a community wiki, like this one, struggling to get community support:é_Wiki

Important things to remember about the Caché / MV offering:

  • There is no separate "Caché for MV" product. The same Caché product used by all InterSystems clients includes all of the MultiValue features.
  • With MV "built-in", the audience for developers using MV expands tremendously, as do opportunities for MV consultants looking to provide value-add for the many sites already running Caché.
  • (Someone can add more bullets here)

Articles about the MV implementation in Caché and the InterSystems initiative are available here and here. And a category in Neblog was created to discuss Caché/MV topics.