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java d3 : in fact this opensource library offers client program and server program (in Pick BASIC for D3 right now). The first section is a collection of D3 programs that make up a socket server. The second section is devoted to client programs that can call this server. There are currently working clients for Java, PHP, COM, C#, and Python.

This forum posting includes source to access D3 from PHP using FlashCONNECT. However the server can be any process that returns a delimited string, the connectivity can be any valid pipe. So you can use the same technique to access jBase with REST, U2 with a WebService and UniObjects ... any technology of your choice.

Accessing U2 from PHP is U2-specific, but as with the above the same techniques, and code to a great extent, can be used with any MV environment.

Web Application Server: PHP to D3 :

Using Dynamic Arrays in PHP is not the easiest. But using the uArray object will make things much easier. Primary used for RedBack on u2, but will work with any PICK Dynamic Arrays