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Most of the Java information is on the JavaSource page.

See also

Executing Java from MV:


[TG] That JavaSource page is very U2-centric and the whole thing about calling those pages *Source is awkward when they're just like any other pages that contain links and not just source. I propose moving links to other pages and keep just source on the pages labelled as *Source.

[Ian] Agreed. The current org is awkward. Perhaps a top level Java/.Net series of pages, with general discussion at that level and links to specific technologies lower down?

[TG] I'm thinking of even one more tier - access to MV from any language. Then Java, .NET, PHP, and others can be itemized there, and individual discussions and source can break off as links from the language-specific pages. This dove-tails with a recent blog entry I wrote about creating a single API for which bindings from any language can be created. We should discuss this off-page - and maybe talk about adding a forum to this site as well so that we can discuss structures.