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Information on connecting to U2 from .NET

There's a whitepaper on IBM's site about U2 and .NET:

You can use jbimp.exe (usually in Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Bin) to convert java bytecode into a .net assembly.

Link to Raining Data's .NET data provider:
Raining Data no longer sells or supports the PDP.NET product. See mv.NET. IBM purchased a license to the source for an old release of mv.NET and has rebranded it for distribution as a U2-only product.

See also: CreateWebInterfaces


I would recommend looking at using Microsoft Enterprise Services to manage connection pooling and expose a useful interface to non-U2 developers. We have used Enterprise Services and XML in/out of U2 with excellent results.
Something like RedBack RBOs also provide a neat interface into U2, Graphical mapping provides an opportunity to present that old, hacked application to Windows developers with a nice clean object-oriented skin.
Also recommend looking at MSDN Patterns and Practices for some very good guides on how to do this stuff.