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Without my constant mental effort, the fabric of space-time itself would begin to unravel. - Will Johnson

BasicSource BASIC Source code I've loaded to this site

  • BROWSE.FOR.FILE - Universe BASIC subroutine, which allows the user to move up and down through a DOS tree and pick a file, which is then returned into a BASIC variable
  • Build.Inode.Xref - Builds the INODE.XREF file, run once in each account
  • Cruise - Display entire contents of records, using DICT entries for labels and conversions
  • FindUnusedAtt - A utility to find the null attributes in a file. So you can USE them!
  • Pick.to.HTML - Example code of building a HTML table in Pick and then launching it through Accuterm
  • Purge.Bad.Chars - Remove chars from 0 to 31, and 128 to 250 from a user-supplied file
  • TCL.II - pre-processes @sentence, parsing TCL.II components for you to handle later
  • WLISTU - Allows sorting the LISTU output by Date by Time, or also by PID