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History of Owners

  • Ardent
  • Informix
  • IBM
  • Rocket Software

Account Flavors

UniVerse is shipped with six account flavors (it is also possible to create your own)

|| Flavor Name || Description || ||PICK ||Generic Pick emulation || ||INFORMATION ||Prime INFORMATION emulation || ||REALITY ||REALITY emulation || ||IN2 ||Intertechnique emulation || ||DEFAULT ||IDEAL UniVerse || ||PIOPEN ||PI/open emulation ||

It is possible to create your own flavor, so even six may not be the right number. To do this, you need a sub-file for your flavor in the NEWACC file (a multi-level file), and an entry in the dictionary of the UV.FLAVOR file specifying that the flavor exists. You can use the UV.FLAVOR file to limit who can create accounts, and to restrict the account flavor that they can create.

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