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BFormat - A utility to format basic code
GetFileInfo - A wrapper around the O/S fstat command, or a PerlVersionOfFstat. Returns information about a unix file in a convenient format.
GetLineStack - An input subroutine that allows editing with the arrow keys. Works with vt100 and wyse50.
TclStack - a TCL stacker/development environment. Works better with GetLineStack, but not required.
Some perl stuff

HMAC - Sample Unidata / Universe Basic code to produce an HMAC-MD5 hash
MD5Hash - Sample Unidata / Universe Basic code to produce an MD5 hash
ParseXML - Sample Unidata / Universe Basic code to parse an XML text file

AMVdefine_AE - Alternate Editor utility to define associated multivalues for amvedit
AMVedit_AE - Alternate Editor utility to edit associated multivalues
ASORT - Sorts Associated Multivalues
CAM_AE - Alternate Editor utility to convert PICK.VARIABLES to Camelcase (see MAC_AE below)
Chead - "See header" QM utility to show information about compiled code.
Compare - To see the changes in two records - usually program code.
FieldInput - Generalised Input subroutine that handles various types of input in a somewhat intelligent manner. EG passwords, dates, time, patterns, lists, and so on. Using this can reduce your source code size quite a lot.
FileInfo - UniVerse utility to show information about a file using FILEINFO()
FileStatus - UniVerse utility to show information about a file using STATUS
GetKey - Acts like keycode() in QM - returns a single character for any key pressed.
Getptr - UniVerse version of GETPTR function in UniData
HelpForUniverse - Displays like the UniData help because the UniVerse one splodges the screen when at the console in NT.
InputWait - Duplicates in Universe the INPUT...WAITING functionality available in UniData
LineEDitor - A version of UniData's AE with embedded full page editor.
MAC_AE - Alternate Editor utility to convert Camelcase to PICK.VARIABLES (see CAM_AE above)
MakeDict - Program to allow command line dictionary creation - works for UniVerse and QM
MakeXml - Generates XML using standard dictionaries, particularly I-types. It will also generate DTD, XSD, and XSL definitions. Started in UniData, mostly done in UniVerse, and has also been done in QM from Ladybridge.
MenuProgram - A simple menu interpreter in response to a post in CDP
PrePass - Duplicates the $DEFINE $IFDEF compiler stuff that Universe and Unidata have
QM.Sort.Item - Subroutine to use new QM SORT() mechanism to sort associated multivalues
ShowLocks - Universe utility to show locks by name (requires up to date STAT.FILE)
Sudoku - To play a sudoku game
Try - Another utility to run BASIC code from the command line

GetNameList - PICK BASIC program to build list of names based on either EXACT or SOUNDEX principles. Uses '*' and '...' for first name likeness.
ProgramToListAlgorithms - Program to list algorithms that are stored in &PARTFILES&, VOC, and the parts themselves.
Resize.Stats - Reviews progress of phantoms doing resize etc. Predicts completion times.
List.Path.Readu - converts device no and inode to pathname in list.readu output.

UniObjectsTest A simple program you can use to make sure you are able to communicate with your UniVerse or UniData database using UniObjects for Java
UniFileTest is test code showing a problem I'm having with the ReadNamedField method in UniObjects for Java. I would appreciate any help tracking down why it works only four out of five times!
Source Code for UniJavaFactory and UniSessionFactory (and test code: TestFactory)

FindUnusedAtt A utility to find the null attributes in a file. So you can USE them!

  • Hugues Mercusot
XML Output Utility - Extract an Unidata file in XML format using or not dictionary, with criteria of selection or not.
CTRLFIC - To periodically check the Unidata files in level 1 overflow (from a list or just for given file) or level 2 using Unidata "guide" and "checkover" commands.

DateUtility - Collection of Date Utilities in one easy to use tool bag.
URLEncode - URL Encode a string for passing through to a web server.
SBProcessSearch - Simple utility to search an SB+ process file for a particular string.