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"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong." H.L. Mencken

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  • QuickSort
    Universe BASIC implementation of the quick sort algorithm.

  • Row2Col
    Transpose a variable's "rows" (fields) into "columns" (values), and back again.

  • u2pipe
    Connect a web server to a Universe or Unidata database via u2pipe and wininetd. Ported to windows and unix. AIX, RedHat Linux and Windows binaries available.

  • How-To Improve Large String Performance Using Buffers
    Processes that create or manipulate large amounts of data (over 1MB) may be slow, impacting user response time and system performance. This performance degradation can be traced to Universe needing to reallocate and copy memory repeatedly as the amount of data grows. If you can allocate all the memory that you'll need up front, you can eliminate this bottleneck. This document discusses a coding strategy for doing this.

  • Coding Standards
    Coding standards are basic rules to help us catch bugs and improve the quality of the programs we produce. They help us in all phases of development by giving us stable and time-tested coding structures that work.

  • Project Cleansweep
    I firmly believe that shoddy programming practices have hurt the credibility of Pick applications. I discuss active steps to conform your legacy application to modern coding standards.

  • Getting Personal with PickWiki
    I'm on a campaign to get every Pick developer to use PickWiki. Why? Because I know that there's a wealth of technical knowledge out there that would benefit the entire Pick community. But it's stupid for me to think that you brilliant technical innovators would contribute your precious time and effort purely for the betterment of mankind, nor for the sake of promoting the database we all know and love. Then I had a new thought...

    Convert a single CSV string into a field-delimited dynamic array.

  • Rex Gozar/Notes
    Various programming notes and half-baked ideas. Maybe I'll formalize them for public consumption (when I get the time -- HA!).

    Sample code using the ENCRYPT function in Universe.

  • Hexadecimal Conversion
    Converting bytes into hexadecimal and back in Universe.