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Make sure the RPC daemon is running. On Unix, you can check this with:

$ ps -elf | grep unirpcd

You should see 'unirpcd' running. If you don't, find the 'startunirpcd' script (usually in /path/to/ud51/bin) and run it.

On UniVerse systems running under Ubuntu, the unirpcd is started by the uv.rc script in the /etc/init.d directory, but it will only start if the uvrpc service is defined in /etc/serivces.

Also make sure that you don't have a firewall blocking the RPC port. It's 31438 on UniData, and will be the same on UniVerse unless you've changed it.

On *nix systems there has to be an entry in the /etc/services file that looks like this:

uvrpc           31438/tcp                       # UniVerse RPC Daemon

where the comment is optional.