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Site migrated to MediaWiki!

In March 2015, Ian McGowan passed the data for this site to Zumasys, where for all the reasons documented below, it was migrated to MediaWiki. Zumasys is now serving the community as site host and curator. Site content is still the responsibility of the community.

People will probably have questions about the site: How do we use it? Where can we ask questions? What's being done here? The answers will be changing over time. The search mechanisms will be changed, new features will be added, and the resource will stabilize.

For now, the info below is being left as a historical reference. It will be updated as time permits.

  • To discuss the site and what's happening, we're planning to use the MVDBMS Google Group.
  • For live chat, join mvTalk at See the invitation here.

Community members are encouraged to create an account here and to contribute. If you have comments or questions about content but you don't want to modify the content, click the "discussion" tab at the top of any page. There you can recommend changes or explain the content without actually changing it. If you want to know when content changes, click the "watch" tab or check the Special:RecentChanges page.

More to come soon...