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MV DBMS platforms sometimes have built-in mechanisms for hot-backup and quick fail-over. Some rely on external software, perhaps products provided by OS vendors.

Other related topics/keywords include TransactionLogging, Journaling, and HotStandby.

This is a place marker for information about hot-backup options available for each MV DBMS platform.


The High Availability Guide for Caché: See topics for Shadow Journaling, System Failover Strategies, and ECP Failover.


A HotBackup license may be purchased for D3 *nix, not D3 NT. A "Using Hot Backup" PDF is available here:

jBase See the jBASE Transaction Journaling PDF which includes a section on hot failover.



See the Resilience category: and topics Rapid Recovery, Shadow Database, FailSafe, and Disaster Recovery.


See this discussion:
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