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This is for stuff that does not really fit anywhere else -

For example, did you notice that your name points to a page that can be edited? If you have signed up for an account you can add stuff to your name; so can anyone else!

Isn't anyone going to fill in the UniData and UniVerse pages? ;)

Just placed page on UV Date Conversion Demystified (21 May 03)

Does anyone know why 01 Oct 1970 is an important date for the MV community?

Other than it being 1005 in internal format, no, please enlighten us!!

  • How do you get users to give you a spec for a report or program that makes enough sense to start working on it?
I don't expect users to provide a spec. For one thing, while they think they know what they want, they don't always know what's possible or what they really need. I don't mean to belittle the users, but they tend to be focused on their individual jobs, and someone needs to step back and look at the entire system and how everything will work together.
So perhaps a Systems Analyst would interview the users, watch them perform their tasks, and come up with use cases to describe what the system needs to be able to do. Those use cases (which can be simple numbered lists, they don't have to be done in a fancy modelling tool) can then be turned into the specification.

I've found it helpful to have the user draw screens or reports and then use those to help the user better visualize what it is that they want.

For reports, I frequently ask users in Accounting to create a mockup of their desired report using Excel. This saves a lot of time up front and gives us a good starting point. Most know and use Excel frequently.

  • GoTo - big controversy! Shields UP! Flame ON! Enter at your own risk.

This is a PickWiki but it's very U2-centric. For example there is a page for "How do I create a web interface to the information in my U2 database?" I think that should be changed to "... in my MV database". Then we add more info for other platforms. Personally I prefer this to factionalizing solutions for different MV products into different pages. Any thoughts?