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A wiki is a "a collaborative forum where people can share ideas". If you have something to say about multivalued systems; past, present or future feel free to leave your mark. A wiki is a web site maintained for its users, by its users.

Every page on this site CanBeEdited. If you want to experiment, the SandBox is a place where you are encouraged to scribble. Registration and login is required (to help us prevent vandalism).

New users can register on the [Preferences] page.

When you login using the [Login] page, changes you make will be "signed" with your name. And as a free bonus available only to our preferred customers, when you create a personal page like this one Ian McGowan, contributions you make automatically link back to your personal page.

http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors is the original wiki, though there are plenty of others on various subjects around the web.

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